It is important to make friends, as we get older we often loose friends and loved ones, sometimes we just loose touch for whatever reason, this can lead to disconnection or just the need to feel supported or widen our circle of friends. That’s where we come in.

We already run 25+ over 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s friendship groups worldwide on Facebook, reaching in excess of 300,000 individuals and will bring them all together on this website. You by registering will be able to access them through our search facilities.

You can:

  • Search for likeminded people

  • Chat on line 

  • Arrange to meet up

  • Start or join a Group

  • Make and see reccomendations

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Why Us?

Sometimes it’s so hard to get out to meet new friends.

We help with that by offering a safe place online to make new acquaintances over 50.

You can meet up if you wish and form a friendship. 

Register with us for FREE and start your search today.

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The more complete your profile the more likely you are to get likeminded friend requests. Every registered and approved person on this site can search across a wide range of criteria enabling them to request a friendship. 

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Groups can be anything from hobbies, sports arts etc. You can be a member of any number of groups, you can start your own and invite likeminded people to join.

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You can view, add, save and synchronise any calendar that your level permits, groups can post information on calendars including date, time, location and details. 

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We have included a very powerful search facility, you can search on almost anything like country, area, interest, groups, dates etc.

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It is up to the members to tell us what they want (or don’t). You have the ability to add groups, form friend circles, message both privately and publicly. 

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