On the first day of summer, National Seashell Day reminds us to put our toes in the sand and admire the beauty of seashells.

Shellers get ready to shellebrate and start shelling! To those not in the know, shellers are beachcombers who collect seashells by scouring the beaches for the gems left behind by snails and mollusks. National Seashell Day is here to tell you all about it and make sure you check out your local beaches during the prime shelling season.

For a sheller, the true tulip or lettered olive is almost more mesmerizing than the ocean sunset. Or maybe it’s the hunt for the rare or the unique specimen. These jewels of the sandy beaches, the king’s crown conch, the apple murex, or even a pear whelk dazzle beachcombers. Their names are as musical and colorful as your adventure will be, so grab your bucket and head out around sunrise or sunset. Seashells are waiting for you!

Tips for Shellers:

  • Never collect live shells. When in doubt, always put them gently back in the water.
  • Check local ordinances. Only take a small number. Shells are part of the ecosystem helping to preserve and create the beaches we enjoy visiting.
  • The best time for shelling is one hour before and one hour after low tide.
  • Follow the high tide shell line where the largest waves stop.
  • Watch for full and new moons. They have a higher gravitation pull on the tide and reveal more seashells.
  • Storms churn up the ocean floor sending more shells to the surface and the shore for collection.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalSeashellDay

Make your way to your favorite beach to collect your treasures or schedule a shoreside vacation to start your seashell collection. Share your seashell collections and beachcombing tips by using #NationalSeashellDay on social media.


The Beaches of Ft. Myers & Sanibel founded National Seashell Day on the first day of summer in 2016 to celebrate seashells and the extraordinary shelling found in Southwest Florida.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Seashell Day to be observed annually in 2017.

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