Find yourself dwelling too much on the past?

If you find yourself dwelling too much on the past in your later years, you could be going through a midlife crisis
Some Triggers for Midlife Crisis..
Experiencing the loss of a loved one can confront you with your mortality. Another trigger is feeling lost and lonely, which highlights the importance of establishing a sense of purpose and a supportive social network.
Acknowledge these emotions – they are not negative but rather an opportunity for embarking on a new chapter, embracing fresh challenges, and exploring new horizons.
Initiate conversations about your emotions with friends who are around the same age; it can be reassuring to realize that others share similar feelings and experiences.
Begin journaling or blogging (you can kick off your blogging journey on; it’s therapeutic and can support others experiencing similar situations.
Last but not least, start gentle excercise. Regular excerise boosts your mood and energy.
Written By Ruth Wilkinson
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